Foto: Bob Bronshoff

Welcome to my space in the infosphere!

I am a philosopher of science, technology, and information.  

I am Honorary Professor at University College London (Department of Science and Technology Studies), and I lecture at the University of Amsterdam (Department of Philosophy and Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies). At the UvA, I carry out research at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, and within the Language and Cognition in Argumentation Group, and I also serve as member of the Management Team of the Institute for Advanced Study.

My research concerns epistemological, methodological, and normative aspects as they arise in the health and social sciences, with special attention to policy contexts and to the highly technologized character of these fields. 

I use this space primarily to spread information about my research (publications, projects) and to make my presentations available to colleagues and to the public.

Browse the Publication, Talks and Organisation of Events pages to see what I am on. If you want to know more about my work, drop me an email.

My long CV with full list of publications, details of employment, teaching experience, etc. is available upon request, just email me.


Postal address

Department of Philosophy / University of Amsterdam, Postbus 94201, 1090 GE Amsterdam, Netherlands




<f.russo at uva dot nl> or <federica.russo at gmail dot com>