I was delighted to be invited to speak at the HPS department in Cambridge in November 2013. [I know it is a while ago, I’m catching up with stuff to put online.] The audience has been simply wonderful. Great questions, engaging and engaged, but not aggressive. Their questions helped me a lot  rephrasing bits of the paper that stems from this (and some others!) presentations on the concept of invariance.

I hope it is now clear (or clearer) that the objective of this paper is not to criticise the notion of ‘invariance under intervention’ just for the sake of finding black spots in a given account. I’m trying to solve a genuine problem in social science methodology, and more generally in observational studies. Oh, the paper is now out in International Studies in Philosophy of Science, with the following title: What Invariance Is and How to Test for It. If you cannot access it, email me and I’ll gladly send you a copy.