Organisation of events

Jan 16 Evaluating Evidence in Medicine: Whence and Wither, University of Amsterdam

Nov 14 Donne in Filosofia (Women in Philosophy), Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Univeristà di Ferrara

Jan 13 Workshop on Causality and Evidence in Epidemiology, Medicine, and Sociology. University College London.

Sept 12 Evidence and Causality in the Sciences, University of Kent. (CitS event)

June 11 2-day workshop: Causality and intervention, University of Kent, Paris Campus. (CitS event)

Jan 11 2-day workshop: Work in progress in causation and evidence, University of Kent, Brussels Campus. (CitS event)

June 10 2-day workshop: Work in progress in causal and probabilistic reasoning, University of Kent, Paris Campus. (CitS event)

Nov 09 – Feb 10 Series of Seminars, “Risk and Nanotechnology”, CIGA, University of Padova.

Sept 08 Causality Study Fortnight, Centre for Reasoning, University of Kent. 2-Day tutorials on causality and their use in science, 3-Day conference (CAPITS 2008), a week of  advanced research seminars

Sept07 3-Day Conference: Progic 2007, University of Kent

June07 1-Day Workshop: “Evidence in medical decision-making”, Evidence Project, UCL

Dec06 1-Day workshop: “Causality and Probability in the Biomedical Sciences”, University of Kent

June06 3-Day Conference: “Causality and Probability in the Sciences”, University of Kent

May06 1-Day Workshop: “Causality, Exogeneity and Explanation”, Evidence Project, UCL

2005-2006 Series of Seminars, “Causality Triangle”, Evidence Project, UCL